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A focus on humanizing education


New Delhi: In a communication received from the University Grants Commission (UGC), the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and the Distance Education Council (DEC). Readmore...
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Teaching is giving information. It is exposition. Teaching is often defined as imparting new information to pupils. There are innumerable things, which the children cannot find out for themselves. There are listless new concepts, which they cannot decode themselves unless they were explained. There are countless things of which they do not realize the purpose. This is so particularly in elementary school. 

Teaching is inspirational. It is inspirational because it is a personal relationship. The less personal the relationship between teacher and pupil is, the less it is worthy of the term, teaching. It will succeed best when this interaction between the personality of the teacher and the pupil, is creative one. In true teaching, the impact of the teacher on the child should be such that the child is encouraged to use his powers to the very best of his ability. For this to occur the relationship must be one of love and not of fear. It is love that is creative, and true teaching therefore means a friendly relationship between the teacher and the taught. This means teaching is a human relationship, and real teaching can be done only if there is a perfect understanding between the teacher and the taught. 

Anyone who ponders on the nature of the teaching profession will see at once that it requires the best a worker has to offer. One does not work for a single employer seeking profits; he works for the children and a way of life. Negligence of the job does harm the children, in particular and society, in general.

Excellence on the job, in turn, promotes human development and the well-being of all. One does not take this responsibility lightly. To work half-heartedly, to fail to plan and prepare each day's activities carefully, or to view the job merely as a means to earn a living is actually to let the future down. As long as one remains in the profession, his devotion to duty should be one hundred percent.