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(TOEFL Programme)
If your native language is not English language and you have clear plans to study in North American College or University, You may be required to take the test of English as a Foreign Language called TOEFL in short.

The TOEFL test is administered at specified/notified locations spanning to 180 countries of the globe. ETS administers the TOEFL test under the direction of the TOEFL policy Council, which is comprised of 15 members from independent academic organizations and government agencies.

The test measures the ability of non-native speakers of English language to use and understand English language the way it is pronounced, recorded and heard college or university campuses.

The TOEFL test is offered in different formats such as The Internet-based TOEFL Test (TOEFL iBT), The computer-based TOEFL test and Paper based TOEFL test to benefit the test taker’s advantageous location.

Majority of the students who are yawning for higher education, particularly in the west, go for the TOEFL test since it is first and foremost yard stick to get into colleges or Universities where proficiency of English is mandatory to stay at that place and understand the instructional material. Even Governments and other autonomous certification agencies take TOEFL raw scores in order to evaluate, grant scholarships, permit exchange programmes or to arrive at the conclusion that the English proficiency of people for whom English is not the native language.

** The validity of TOEFL test score is two years