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A focus on humanizing education

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 There is more time for money matters,
Enough time to watch Televisions,
Requisite hours to surf on computers,
But not an hour to feel child ‘s innocence.

There is time for morning walk and talk,
Enough gap for daily saga and yoga,
Listen to the sermons of Sadhu baba,
But not a minute to scan child ‘s homework.

There is time to go to clubs and restaurants,
Visit enough places of green gossips,
Enjoy the locations of worship and wild,
But not a second to console the crying child.

Globally children are the easy prey,
Everyone and anyone can play,
No one senses their real problems,
Since all are busy with dirty politics.

There is a craze to stay indoors,
Watch outdoor cables in Ac homes,
Usual to talk about cricket maidans,
And common to employ kids at karkhanas.

-- G.C. Rao
25 - 11- 2005