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A focus on humanizing education

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We are,
What we are,
We are proud of that.

We are contented,
We do not compete,
We are not in race with any.

We confine to our slots,
This is where we belong,
No problem to get along.

We sing our own song,
Either with or without tune,
Do not bother others’ song.

We do not envy others,
Neither imitate or emulate,
We are at our usual self.

We are with our fathers,
Who are simple and lovable.
We do not need Godfathers.

We like troubles,
They are always with us,
No intention to part.

We are chaste,
Others may feel waste,
No need to break their myth…

We are unbranded,
Not a crime to remain original,
Leave us like that.


-- G.C. Rao
01 - 08- 2006