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A focus on humanizing education

Two zero ten drops PDF Print E-mail

The tropical land’scountless farmers’ quest
To lick the fresh and pale monsoon drops,
Which elude them often as they hide and seek,
On water greedy varied heated land’s breast,
With agony and displeasure of wetness hops,
of poor soils, weeds and seeds of weak and best.

The Tropical green farmers’vision of fight
To grab bumper harvest of commercial grain,
In the cruel vagaries of monsoonal gain rain,
Is a distant elusive mass objective of disgust,
As their long wait doesn’t lead to cloudburst,
since chances of its arrival is in pseudo sight.

Nature’s fury of uncertain monsoon roar,
amidst the lightning and thunder toils,
whendryness of farmersage old skill boils,
And the state of their economic status coils,
Down to brand poverty and scars of depth
To make theirdream of life a rustic bore.


Mr.G C Rao