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A focus on humanizing education

Mean Writing PDF Print E-mail

Holding eco-paper with one hand,

And ink tongue tool with the other,

To jot down words and its off-spring,

Of novelty to organic flow show off,

The intellectual skill of writing lines,

With swinging of eye balls sideways,

Script running hurriedly left to far right,

Or right to near left with hasty pacing,

And succession of miracle mind waves,

For the self satisfaction of self soul,

Rarely skipping and not even spilling,

Active vocabulary of choice and fineness,

Taking the titles of novels and stanzas,

To the lasting benefit of print publishers,

Dire need of paid reader’s best quest,

That recommend for outdated libraries,

To the bulky stock and lock and to reopen,

For dubious readers frantic search

And loot with blessed handy plagiarism.

Mr G. C. Rao